The Most Appalling Criminal Operation in the History of our Country

Sidney Powell

The Most Appalling Criminal Operation in the History of our Country

by Jeffrey Dach MD

This month, we are making an unusual exception to our newsletter topic. As regular readers know, we have always written about medical topics.  Today we are bringing to your attention “the greatest crime of the century”, the election fraud of November 3, 2020.

There are a number of reasons we are doing this.

Firstly, if we don’t have fair and transparent elections, we have lost everything.  We have lost our constitutional rights and freedoms and no longer enjoy a representational government.  We have lost our country and everything that makes us Americans.  If we remain silent and allow this election fraud to stand unopposed, this may well usher in a new dark chapter in the history of our nation, with no discernible end.  We may never have another free election again.

If this is allowed to stand, many brave soldiers who have died in the defense of our liberty, have made the ultimate sacrifice in vain.

Let me remind you that election fraud is a federal offense which carries a 5 year prison sentence.   In addition, any election fraud carried out in cooperation with foreign countries is treason against this county which carries additional penalties.

Additionally, the mass media and big tech social media are complicit in this crime. They have censored and suppressed any and all information about this election fraud. This in itself is a treasonous crime against all of us.  It is up to each and every one of us to learn about it and spread this information to others as best we can.

Thirdly, our court system, including the Supreme Court, has played possum, hiding away and refusing to hear any evidence.  Instead they have dismissed cases on procedural technicalities before hearing any evidence, obviously an indication of corruption and severe problems with our court system, including the Supreme Court.  Why are they hiding from this issue?

Fourthly, the Justice Department and the FBI are sitting on their hands and have done nothing.  There are no investigations nor arrests reported by the Justice Department or FBI, an indication of corruption and severe problems with the Justice Department and FBI.

Fifth, by federal law, our election system is supposed to have complete transparency.  Yet, local authorities are blocking forensic audits of voting machines and ballots, just as they obstructed and blocked observers on election night.  What are they hiding?

Disturbing Results of Forensic Audit in Antrim County

The forensic audit of voting machines completed in Antrim County Michigan showed the machines were set at a high error rate (greater than 68%) which is a violation of state law.  This means that more than 68% of the votes were then sent to “adjudication”, an opportunity for an operator to manipulate votes.  Click here for link to this information.

Sidney Powell

Perhaps the single person who has amassed the most evidence and knows the most details of the egregious voter fraud which took place on the November 3rd Election is Sidney Powell, the lawyer who successfully defended General Michael Flynn.

To get you quickly up to speed, here is a transcript of Sidney Powell explaining exactly what happened, a quick summary of the voter fraud which took place November 3rd and 4th. Begin quote Sidney Powell:

“The very night of the election many people saw something that they had never seen before in the history of our elections.

         Vote Flipping on Mainstream News Television Screens

They saw votes being changed on the screen in front of them, going from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

         Vote Counting Stopped Simultaneously in 5 States 

On top of that, the morning after the election, even that night, the voting (vote counting) stopped. They stopped counting in multiple districts at the same time before the vote got to 270 electors for President Trump. That’s never happened before. The only time votes have ever stopped being counted in this country on election night was when the Broward County problem developed over Hanging Chad’s in one county in FL. So for FIVE states to stop counting on election night is absolutely UNPRECEDENTED. And they did it because the vote count for the electoral college was about to hit [+ go over] 270 for President Donald Trump, because of the massive outpouring of votes for him that night.

Mathematical Impossibilities

By the next morning, multiple mathematicians had contacted me and told me they knew the algorithm that had been run to change the votes. It was that obvious to people with mathematical expertise. It is a mathematical impossibility for 100’s of thousands of votes to show up for VP Biden alone and to have been injected into the system the way that they were.

Eye Witness Testimony – Thousands of Affidavits

We have eye-witness testimony of countless people who saw votes coming in, in unsecured containers and improper means and looking different the night of the election. These people have come forward at great personal risk to themselves & their families to provide thousands of affidavits of voting abnormalities and actual crimes that they witnessed happen on election night. The very fact that the other side is working so hard to hide all of this.

Federal Law Requires Transparency

Federal law requires transparency in our electoral process and our elections. There is a federal statute that requires all the documents pertaining to the election to be maintained for 22 months following an election, for the very reason that it has to be completely auditable.

Problems with Dominions Voting Machines

A Federal Judge in October [in ATL] found all kinds of problems w/ the Dominion system that GA bought and crammed down for everybody across the state to use. That’s where the most problems have been, is in GA. Witnesses have come forward, there was supposedly a water leak that they shut down voting for. That was an abject lie. We have video of witnesses pulling suspect ballots out from under a table after they ran off all the observers. Somebody told me that one of the people that did that has told gov’t officials how it happened and what happened. But has that information been provided to the public? No. There is rampant voter fraud of all kinds. Federal violations of 5 years + more across the country by virtue of all the misconduct on election night. The flipping of votes by Dominion is even advertised, on their ability to do that, to run a fraction, to make a Biden vote count 1.26% and a Trump vote to only count 0.74%. They’ve done it before. They’ve done it in Venezuela. They done it in other foreign countries. They’ve done it in THIS country. We have evidence even that it was done in 2016 in CA to benefit Hillary over Bernie Sanders, and it’s been done in other local elections and smaller elections in different places.

         Trump Won the Election by a Landslide and Broke the Algorithm

This is the only time it’s been this widespread, and the reason it didn’t work this time, they’ve been able to shave these votes for a long time, but the reason it didn’t work completely this time and they had to shut down in so many places was because so many Trump supporters poured out on the day of the election to vote for President Donald Trump in what was a LANDSLIDE victory, a historic victory, is because it BROKE the algorithm. That’s why they had to stop counting that night. That’s why they had to bring in ballots and try to back-fill. And it still doesn’t work, because there are still 100’s of thousands of more votes than there were voters to vote them. The math simply doesn’t add up. And if they had nothing to hide, why aren’t they providing transparency into the voting systems of the United States of America, the country that is founded upon the Rule of Law and is supposed to be above all this? It is absolutely the most appalling criminal operation in the history of our country.” end quote

Click here for link to this Sidney Powell Interview

Breaking News Update BOMBSHELL !!: Mayor Rudy Giuliani and others testify at the Georgia Senate subcommittee hearing on election issues (Wednesday Dec. 30)

Italy Did It !!!  Bombshell Court Testimony by High Level IT Whistleblower, Arturo D’elio, employee of Leonardo Defence Contractor in Italy. Written Affidavit.

See  reference links  below (14-17)


This is the greatest crime of the century committed in a blatant, “in your face”,  brazen manner.  You have to be blind not to see it.  Want to see more ? Take a look at the links and references below for more.  There is a lot more.

The time to take action is NOW !! Contact your elected officials and let them know that you know and ask them to ACT NOW to STOP the STEAL!  Email them a copy of this article.

Contact Your US Senator:

Contact Your US Congressional Representative:

For these FIVE Swing states, Contact your state legislators NOW!

GA: (404) 656-1776

WI: (608) 266-2517

MI: (517) 373-6339

AZ: (602) 542-4331

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Links and References:

1) Intel Expert: “Evidence that Comes Forward in Next Few Days Will Drastically Change Playing Field”

2) Election Fraud Fulton County Video

3) When you win a record low 17% of counties, lose Black & Hispanic support, lose 18/19 Bellwether Counties, lose Ohio, Florida, & Iowa — and lose 27/27 House “Toss-Ups” — but you shatter the popular vote record

4) Eight ‘Screaming Red Flags’ From The 2020 Election That Deserved Criminal Inquiry by Tyler Durden Zero Hedge


A Focus on the Georgia Election Fraud – President Trump Won This State By a Landslide – Current Results Are Totally Fraudulent (VIDEO)

A Focus on the Georgia Election Fraud – President Trump Won This State By a Landslide – Current Results Are Totally Fraudulent (VIDEO) December 25, 2020

6) Yes, It Was a Stolen Election. You’d have to be blind not to see it. Front Page Magazine

7) Rudy Giuliani gives his latest legal update, and implores governors of swing states to allow for an audit of voting machines.


9) Democrats’ defense of Georgia election fraud video doesn’t hold water
By Andrea Widburg American Thinker

10) Mathematician Shows That in Arizona the Dominion Machines Counted Biden Votes as 1.3 Votes and Trump Votes as 0.7 Votes

11) Major Allegation From Arizona Hearing: 35,000 Fraudulent Votes; Trump Ballots Switched to Biden?

12) Georgia State Senate Holds Meeting on 2020 Election Fraud 12/30/20  Wednesday, December 30 2020: Members of Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections

13) Pennsylvania Lawmakers Urge McConnell and McCarthy to Dispute PA Election Results By Tom Ozimek December 31, 2020

#ItalyDidit   Arturo D’elio, Whistleblower IT Employee of Leonardo Defence Contractor.

14) Press Release: Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race – Institute for Good Governance  by Marjorie Meyers | Jan 6, 2021 | Press Release


16) FaceBook FULL MARIA ZAK INTERVIEW ON ALLEGED US ELECTION FRAUD  MUST WATCH AND PLEASE SHARE! with Debbie Georgatos America Can We Talk ?   Maria Zak has blown the lid on the alleged US election fraud. A senior Italian IT expert turns whistleblower at the defence firm Leonardo has allegedly testified in an Italian federal court today possibly exposing the US election fraud. This is the FULL Maria Zak interview.

17) You-Tube Full Maria Zak’s Interview On Alleged Italian involvement On US Election – Italydidit  •Jan 9, 2021 FULL MARIA ZAK INTERVIEW ON ALLEGED US ELECTION FRAUD.

A senior Italian IT expert at the defence firm Leonardo has allegedly testified in an Italian federal court today possibly exposing the US election fraud. This is the FULL Maria Zak interview.

18) full 52 minute call from Nations In Action:

19) Brad Johnson Rome, Satellites, Servers Update please read description  Jan 9, 2021

More evidence of vote manipulation uncovered in Europe by the Italian Press. Brad Johnson gives his analysis based on his and the Americans for Intelligence Reform’s team.

Brad Johnson retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations. He has served domestically and abroad with numerous assignments often during periods of armed conflict. He has served overseas in direct support of the War against Terrorism. Mr. Johnson is a certified senior expert in Counterintelligence issues with extensive direct experience in the field. He is a senior expert in surveillance and surveillance detection issues. He has proven expertise in dangerous operational environments with the highest level of training and extensive direct experience in tradecraft for dangerous areas. His proven expertise also extends to denied operational environments (most difficult and restrictive) with the highest levels of training offered anywhere in the USG or the world and extensive direct experience. Mr. Johnson has served overseas as Chief of Station multiple times. He is an enrolled member of The Cherokee Nation, a Federally Recognized Tribe and is currently the President of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

20) Article on Conte, Leonardo SpA and the U.S. Embassy behind the Election Data Switch fraud to take out Trump.. Italy and Conte played a key role in the international cyber plot to take out Trump. Leonardo Finmeccanica’s Cyber Warfare satellites are among the means usedJanuary 5, 2021 by Riccardo Corsetto Conte Leonardo SpA US Election Data Switch

21) How They Did It: Audio Recording:


22)   General Affidavit by Alfio D’Urso Via Vittorio Catania 95131 Italy

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The Most Appalling Criminal Operation in the History of our Country
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The Most Appalling Criminal Operation in the History of our Country
A Quick Recap of the Election Fraud of Nov 3 2020.
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