Cholesterol Levels and Atherosclerosis: Autopsy Studies Show No Correlation

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Cholesterol Levels and Atherosclerosis: Autopsy Studies Show No Correlation By Jeffrey Dach MD Drs William Ware (25) and Uffe Ravnskov(1) have both pointed out an inconvenient truth.  Many autopsy studies dating back to 1936 all show the same finding: cholesterol … Continue reading

Atherosclerosis How Does it Happen by Jeffrey Dach MD

Atherosclerosis Plaque Wikimedia

Atherosclerosis: How Does it Happen? Reversing Heart Disease Part Two – by Jeffrey Dach MD A Brief Review of Part I In part one, we discussed the Coronary Calcium Score, which is useful because it provides an estimate of total … Continue reading

Atherosclerotic Plaque as Infected Biofilm

Atherosclerotic Plaque as Infected Biofilm by Jeffrey Dach MD I first met Stephen Fry M.D.  a couple of years ago at his booth at the ACAM meeting at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, and enjoyed an interesting conversation about his … Continue reading

Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease How Does it Happen

Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease: How Does it Happen?  by Jeffrey Dach, MD.  Atherosclerotic plaque formation is a series of events.  The very first event is the deposition of lipoproteins called the Fatty Streak which eventually becomes the lipid core of the … Continue reading

Coronary Calcium Score, Reversing Heart Disease

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How to Reverse Heart Disease with the Coronary Calcium Score.The AHA (American Heart Association) has steadfastly denied for many years that Coronary Calcium Scoring was a valid marker of heart disease.  Well, apparently they were wrong….Read More