Heartburn Reflux GERD and PPI Gastric Acid Blocker Drugs

Heartburn, GE Reflux (GERD), and Acid Blocker Drugs by Jeffrey Dach MD Left Image: Heartburn, Fire Breathing Man courtesy of Wikimedia commons. This article is part one of a series, for part two, click here. A July 2009 study of … Continue reading

Antacids Associated With B12 Deficiency


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Antacids Associated With B12 Deficiency in New Study by Jeffrey Dach MD A new study from Kaiser Health published in JAMA showed that use of a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) antacid is strongly associated with B12 deficiency..(1) This has been … Continue reading

Hair Loss From Low Stomach Acid, The Lady In Grey

Lady in Grey Low Stomach Acid

The Lady in Grey –  Hair Loss From Low Stomach Acid by Jeffrey Dach MD Mary is a 62 year old accountant who arrived in my office with a chief complaint of hair loss.  Mary was dressed smartly, wearing a … Continue reading