Errors in Modern Thyroid Endocrinology

Doctor Taking Bribes Errors in Thyroid Endocrinology

Errors in Modern Thyroid Endocrinology by Jeffrey Dach MD Web Sites like Janie Bowthorpe’s, Stop the Thyroid Madness and Dana Trentini’s, Hypothyroid Mom are very popular for a very good reason.  They identify and alert readers to the errors in … Continue reading

Error in Thyroid Case Report Toxic Nodular Goiter

AACE 2017 Annual Meeting – Case Report in Error At the AACE 2017 Annual Meeting, Sarah Fishman, MD, PhD, of Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York, NY, presented a case report of a patient who developed thyroid disease after taking … Continue reading

Bioidentical Hormones Opposed by Endocrine Society

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The Endocrine Society Makes a “Proclamation” The Endocrine Society issued a “scientific statement” advising rank and file physicians to cease and desist prescribing compounded bioidentical hormones to the tune of one billion dollars a year.(1-2) That’s a lot of compounding, … Continue reading